Transporting Cats Off Island

You may be wondering how Off the Rocks gets our cats from the Caribbean to Massachusetts. Indeed, this is one of the greatest challenges for animal rescuers in the Caribbean. The preferred way for us to transport kittens and cats off island is to send them in a soft carrier to fly in the cabin on a commercial flight with a volunteer transporter.

We are always looking for transporters. We meet you at each airport and we pay for the transport fee. Most travelers fly from St. Thomas to Boston, but Providence and Hartford are also possibilities. If you would like more details, click here.

Another excellent way to get cats off island is with generous cat lovers who are flying private. The flight doesn’t have to go into Boston-we will do what we can to meet the plane where it lands.
Finally, we are always looking for donors to fund dedicated transport flights up north. We will share a transport flight with other Virgin Island rescues at times when the shelters are at capacity.
We also need to get supplies from Boston to St. Thomas, so if you are going from Logan Airport to Cyril King please consider bringing a carry-on of medicine or a checked bin of supplies.

If you will be taking a trip to the USVI soon and are willing to help, please contact us at

If you are transporting for the first time, we would like you to read our guidelines here.