Our Adoption Process

Adoption Process

Off the Rocks Rescue cats have been microchipped, tested negative for FIV/FeLV, dewormed and given core vaccinations according to age. They have been observed, socialized and assessed for temperament. Our cats are examined in Massachusetts by our in-house veterinarian and all out-of-state cats have also been examined by a veterinarian at least once prior to travel to OTR/MA. While most of our cats are spayed/neutered prior to travel, in some cases we will do the spay/neuter here MA.

We advertise on Petfinder.com and on our Facebook page. Petfinder listings are linked in this Adopt section.

Although we do some single cat adoptions, many of our kittens are in bonded pairs. Please check the descriptions to see if we are adopting a cat in a pair.

To be considered for adoption, please start by filling out an adoption application. It helps to use the blank spaces to tell us a bit about what you are looking for. If you don’t see a cat that fits, feel free to be on our waitlist by filling out the application.

After we receive your completed application, we will screen it. If we think you may be a good match for our cats, we will check your references and will contact you to talk further. If you have an approved application, you have a few choices on how to meet and take home your precious new family member. If the cats are at the shelter, we will invite you in to meet them.

If your cats are in foster, we will offer you a video cat with the foster family so that you can see the cats and ask questions. From there, you can do a contactless adoption from the foster home or can schedule a time to meet the cats in person at the rescue. Your pet adoption can occur at that same time as the in person meet and greet. Remember to bring a carrier.

Prior to adoption, it is best for you to have purchased your supplies and have prepared your home for your adopted cats. Please see our List of Supplies in Resources or click here. It contains all the products that your cat is using here at the shelter, including the food that they have been eating. On Petfinder, we will indicate if an animal is available for adoption on St. Thomas. Otherwise, please assume that the cat has been transported to the Northeast.

Application Form

Please fill out the online application form. Once completed, we will contact you soon!