Would you like to provide foster care for a kitten or cat? Are you in the Boston MetroWest (Wellesley and adjacent towns are preferred) area or in St. Thomas? Off the Rocks needs families who will provide a temporary home, usually for 5-21 days, for our cats. Our foster families provide an invaluable service, providing cats with more socialization and time to decompress from transport prior to adoption. 

volunteers (foster section)

Some of your jobs as a foster, in addition to socialization and basic care, include taking some photographs of the cats for listing on Petfinder and doing a video chat with a potential adopter or two whom Off the Rocks has already screened and approved.

Many of our foster families cannot have cats of their own for a variety of reasons and having part-time cats is a welcome solution to missing feline company. Other fosters have 3 or 4 cats of their own and enjoy having some additional furry guests, especially kittens.

Many families want to expose their children to cats. Gentle children and teens are our most cherished fosters! Since our incoming cats are usually young, it can be gratifying for fosters to help mold and shape them while they are more malleable.

Off the Rocks will provide you with everything you need: crates, food, litter boxes, toys and instructions! We are always available for questions. OTR has an in-house veterinarian who can either make a house call to you or you can bring the cats back here for a quick veterinary check if you have any questions about their health. We ask that you have a separate room for your fosters, apart from your own pets. If you are interested in fostering, please fill out this form.

After your foster application is approved, we will ask you to fill out and sign the foster contract this form and the foster best practices form this form and scan them back to us at