Happy Tales

JoJo, Christian & Aaron

The homeless cats and dogs of the Caribbean tend to frequent dumpster sites and island rescuers know to check the sites frequently. These three precious kittens were in a taped-up package thrown like garbage at a dumpster site in Tortola where, as luck would have it, a rescuer came by and spotted something odd about the package. An hour or two was all they had before they would have perished.
Coordinated by the non-profit PAW BVI, the kittens received veterinary care and went into to a foster home. We received JoJo and Christian together on one flight and they were promptly adopted. Their brother Aaron waited another 6 weeks before he caught a flight up north and went to an adopter where he became fast friends with her resident orange cat.


On St. Thomas, the veterinarians noticed that Banshee was very small for 3 months old and worried about her resilience, although her health appeared fine. Banshee came up north from our STT shelter with her feline friend Honeybee. It wasn’t long before she got an upper respiratory infection which turned into pneumonia. 

Upon further exam, it turned out that Banshee had a fungal pneumonia called aspergillus. One of our loyal fosters kept Banshee and Honeybee for 6 months while we treated Banshee with anti-fungal medication and antibiotics, all while doing many repeat radiographs. Finally, once she recovered, Banshee and Honeybee found the perfect forever home. When we get a special needs cat like her, we depend on donations to meet the extra expenses.

Mama Shailene &
Little Sake

Even though most of our Massachusetts intakes are from the Caribbean, we try to help local cats whenever space allows. We got a Boston area call from an overwhelmed good Samaritan who became aware of a chaotic house where a mother cat and her two babies where living in horrible neglect. We met the woman in a parking lot, and she handed us the cats: sadly one kitten was very sick and died that day. The mama cat, Shailene, and her remaining kitten, Sake (about 5 weeks old), seemed to be shut down and in a state of shock. 

Although mom was taking good care of her kitten, they were both quiet and didn’t move very much. Veterinary work-ups showed that they were physically healthy-but cats do experience psychological trauma, just as people do. We took good care of them, let them rest and learn to play with toys, and fed them nutritious food and supplements. About a month or so later, after mom was spayed, they happily went to a great home together.


Princess Leia came to us from a rescue partner in Puerto Rico, where she already used up one of her nine lives by narrowly avoiding being killed in traffic on a busy street. The rescuer took10-week-old Leia to the local clinic for spay surgery, vaccinations and Leia was medically cleared her to fly up to us. Although she was deemed healthy, we soon learned that all was not well. Our in-house veterinarian, Dr. Kabler, noticed on examination that Leia’s right kidney area felt swollen, and an ultrasound confirmed that during spay surgery the ureter was tied off by accident and one of Leia’s kidneys was flooded with fluid and rendered useless. We are very grateful that Wellesley Animal Hospital, Off the Rock’s veterinary partner, removed the kidney for us. Our luck didn’t stop there as Dr. Kabler adopted the little Princess, who is expected to live a normal life with one kidney.